Livingstone selected, a step back in time

I know that retro is very chic at the moment but this really is beyond a joke. Labour had the chance to pick Oona King, someone fresh and dynamic (although she had some completely bonkers policies) to run against Boris but chose Livingstone in stead.

I’m pleased that it will be our old adversary from 2008 standing again, Livingstone is unrepentant, blaming his defeat soley on the unpopularity of the Labour government at the time.

I have no doubt that it will be a tough fight, Ken will fight dirty just like last time and he has the old team from the 80s and the union organisation and money behind him (including from the TSSA, which is one of the unions which tried to bring London to a stop last week).

It is clear that Labour are stuck in the past, in their ideological comfort zone, hard leaft, high tax, union backed, shouting at the government but offering no real alternative.

Livingstone is offering nothing new, same candidate, same policies, same attitute, same clan, same result.

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