The worst possible result for Labour

Red Ed Miliband is the new leader of the Trade Union Party, sorry I meant to say the Labour party. The MPs wanted David, the members wanted David, only the unions wanted Ed and the unions got their way.

We now have a union sock puppet as Labour candidate for Mayor of London and as leader of the Labour party, it really is back to the 80s.

5 responses to “The worst possible result for Labour

  1. You mean the actual 30,000+ actual humans in the Unions who voted for him by CHOOSING to pay EXTRA into their VOLUNTARY trade union membership, to support Labour? As opposed to the 0 number of 0 humans who voted for Baroness Warsi who the Tories dragged out today to speak for them? Please fuck off.

  2. Love the 'union sock puppet' phrase, sums these commie losers up perfectly.

    I was worried that the labour party and livingstone might both have a chance next time around, as the cuts that the current government have been forced to implement might make them unpopular. Thankfully the unions have ensured otherwise.

    Not so much a case of shooting yourself in the foot as it is of blowing both your legs off with a bazooka!

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