So, what has Boris done for us?

Labour will announce their London mayoral candidate today and people will naturally ask what has Boris done since taking office? Here’s a few things:

1) Frozen City Hall’s share of Council Tax after 8 years of straight rises under Ken Livingstone

2) Cut crime across London by putting more police on the beat – youth crime down by 11%, robberies down by 19%, murders down by over 25% and knife crime down by 30%

3) Improved Londoners’ safety. ONE MILLION more police patrols a year by 2012 than in 2008 and an extra 450 police on the buses. Mobile knife arches at trouble-spot train stations and banned booze on the tubes and buses

4) Saved an average of £317 per Londoner by 2013 through cutting waste in London’s Government

5) Transformed London’s cycling culture with the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme of 5,000 bikes. Within the first month of the scheme Londoners made 250,000 journeys.

6) Extended Oyster Cards to National Rail network within London and to river travel as well – used on an extra 800,000 trips every week.

7) Fought for London’s position as the financial capital of the world against EU politicians to protect jobs and investment.

8) Started to build Crossrail which will add 10% capacity to London’s creaking transport infrastructure

9) Delivered 26,000 new affordable homes across London to date

10) Quadrupled London’s rape crisis services

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