Hoon admits Iraq planning mistakes

Now we all know that Blair, Brown and Hoon utilised the “lets close our eyes and hope for the best” technique of military planning, is it significant that Geoff Hoon has actually admitted it?

I’m just wondering whether Blair is setting himself up as Labour’s ultimate scapegoat. Iraq is a big problem for Labour, so he says “it’s all my fault”, everyone else says “it’s all Blair’s fault”, Blair then leaves and Labour’s problem leaves with him.

The only problem with this plan is that there are many more problems than just Iraq. A failing education system, health service in despair, poor families getting poorer, billions of tax pounds squandered, social rifts widening, street crime on the rise, etc. etc. etc.

If Iraq was Labour’s only problem, they wouldn’t have too much of a problem. It isn’t, they do.

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