I don’t believe Gordon Brown

My local MPs have a track record of putting Gordon Brown on the spot. Bob Neill brought the house down when he offered to show off Bromley’s excellent recycling facilities.

Today David Evenett asked a question to which Brown gave an answer that I cannot believe is true. David asked why the PM didn’t declare the unnamed fund refured to in Peter Watt’s book, Brown replied “I know nothing of what he is talking about”. Sorry I just can’t believe that is true.
I could believe him saying something like “I know nothing about any such fund” or “the was no such fund” or “I have declared all donations and campaign funds properly” but he didn’t. He claimed not only to know nothing about the fund itself but also not even to have heard about the allegations, widely reported in the media over the last few days and the notice of complaint about it to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner.
Sorry Gordon, I just don’t buy that.

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