Ed Miliband and that bacon sarnie

Look at me, I’m normal!

I buy stuff, in shops. I drink tea, from a mug, I buy flowers for my wife, I’m normal. Look I’m eating a bacon sarnie, I’m dropping sauce down my face, oops I’m looking a bit daft.

miliband sarnieIt probably seemed a good idea at the time (don’t they all?), Miliband’s media people wanted to show that he is a straight talking, down to earth man of the people. What better way than with a staged trip to a cafe for a mug-o-tea and a bacon sarnie? Rather than showing how “in touch” he is it does the complete opposite, everyone knows that there is no elegant, statesmanlike way to to each a bacon sarnie. You just do your best and hope there isn’t too much detritus on your hands, fingers or shirt at the end of the process.

The Evening Standard has a photo essay of the whole embarrassing, messy affair. I warn you, its not for the faint hearted.

I don’t know why there is an obsession to prove with photos that politicians do the kind of things that everyone else does. I do the shopping (sometimes), I drink tea (from a mug), I buy flowers for my wife (sometimes) and I drop tomato sauce down my shirt when I eat a bacon sarnie, I have no intention of providing photos to prove any of the above.

Now I’m off to the loo, I won’t be providing photos of that either!

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