Transport for London helps ex-Armed Forces members back into employment

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that it will be creating 30 paid work placements to help ex-Armed Forces members – who may be wounded, injured or sick – back into employment.  This follows a success of the trial and will see 30 six month placements in engineering, planning, project management and operational roles.

I’m really proud that London is recognising the contribution that service leavers have made during their time in the military and the future contribution they can make in a range of other areas.

ww1 bus

London buses taking Tommies to the trenches

As Boris said: “This initiative is a win-win for all involved, providing TfL with talented workers in an area where there is a skills shortfall, and giving ex-Service members the chance of a new career path.”

I have long been an advocate of City Hall recognising our service personnel and I’m pleased that this scheme has been added to our existing commitment to our Armed Forces, which includes free travel for war veterans and for Armed Forces personnel travelling in the capital.

It’s worth remembering that this is the continuation of a long standing relationship between London’s transport team and the Armed Forces, dating back to the First World War when bus drivers drove Tommies to the front line in France in 1914.

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