Have your say on the planned changes to the London Fire Brigade

The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority is consulting on the Draft Fifth London Safety Plan, the consultation is running until the 28th of May.

  • Take part in the consultation here(opens in a new window).

The draft Plan outlines a wide range of policies and measures which are intended to improve the safety of Londoners. It also includes details of how savings worth £28.8m could be made, involving the closure of 12 fire stations; the removal of 18 pumping appliances and the redeployment of four pumping appliances to other stations.

In those parts of London with the worst response time performance, this would have a beneficial impact; in other places, the removal of appliances would mean a small increase in response times, although London-wide, response time targets and standards of fire cover would continue to be met and at a borough-level more boroughs would meet the targets. No borough would move from within target to outside target based on average attendance times.

Under the proposals, the Brigade would maintain its existing London-wide target attendance target of getting a first fire engine to an emergency within an average six minutes and the second fire engine, if needed, within eight minutes. This is amongst the fastest target response time of any emergency service in the country and almost twice as fast as some other fire brigades.

The full detail of the Plan proposals can be found in the draft Plan and supplementary documents in the links to the right of this page. If you would like to receive a hard copy of the plan and the consultation leaflet please phone 0800 9888 569.

Consultation will include public meetings and when consultation on the full plan is complete, all of the responses we have received will be analysed. A report will be prepared and considered by the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) , who make decisions on the proposals in the Plan. The final decision is expected to be made later this year, but not before June 2013.

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