Labour Fire Authority members playing games with firefighters careers

This afternoon a committee of the Fire Authority voted to overturn the decision to prevent the Commissioner from taking the draft London Safety Plan out to public consultation.  The same members who voted to ignore the Mayor’s direction two weeks ago, today voted to comply with it.  Because of silly political games being played by Labour members, supported by Lib Dems and Greens, there has been an unnecessary two week delay.

You might ask why I’m angry about this.  It’s because firefighters and Fire & Rescue Staff have already had almost a year of uncertainty about their jobs and the future of the London Fire Brigade.  The message that I get back time after time is that while many firefighters aren’t happy with the proposed changes they feel that if they need to be done better they were done quickly.  Adding additional delay to what is already a long process is unfair on the people in the brigade and prolongs the uncertainty.

We are asking the staff of the London Fire Brigade to maintain their moral and professionalism in challenging times and I am hugely proud to say that they have done so.  It is the duty of us, at a political level, not to mess them around for opportunistic party political reasons.

We should at least aspire to match their professionalism.

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