Argentina and the Falklands, adverts good, invasion bad!

Argentinian President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has bought an advert in the Guardian demanding that David Cameron abide by a 1965 UN resolution to “negotiate a solution” for the future of the Falkland Islands.

She claims that Britain should end its colonial hold over the islands and hand them over to Argentina, rather missing the point that the Falkland Islanders have made it clear that they want to remain British and not become Argentinian.  Just in case there is any doubt about the islanders’ desires there is to be a referendum on the issue in March.

The open letter/advert appears in the Guardian and the Independent, I wonder if other newspapers were approached? I would love to see the responses from the Mail, Telegraph and Express!  As someone who worked in advertising for many years I’m glad that the Argentinian government are spending their money in British newspapers and as a believer in a free press I’m happy for the papers to carry the adverts.

I was boy when the Falklands War erupted and I remember seeing the news reports of the lead-up, the conflict and the return of our forces.  There was a loss of life on both sides which we have become unused to despite the last decade of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We lost 258 killed and 775 wounded in the six weeks of the conflict with many survivors suffering mental health problems to this day and Argentina’s losses were even greater.

She may like to note that adverts are far less costly in terms of both money and lives than invasions. So Ms de Kirchner please feel free to keep the adverts coming but keep your soldiers in their barracks.

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