Addressing entrepreneurs at a business conference

Addressing entrepreneurs at a business conference

As someone who started and ran a small business I understand the importance of the business sector to the country.  We have always been a trading nation and history teaches us that we are at our best when we are a confident, outward looking, commercial nation.

I believe that we should look to cut taxes for businesses, business people and their employees where we can.  Lower taxes stimulate growth, enabling companies to employ more staff, invest in new technology and provide the economic uplift that the country so desperately needs.  This is particularly true in the small business sector.

Having had a career in the ultra-competitive magazine and internet publishing industry I know that to compete as an international city we also need to reduce red tape and bureaucracy whether generated from UK parliament or the EU. We must have the courage to set our business people free and let them lift us out of this downturn.  Government can’t make our country prosperous, that is the job of our entrepreneurs and their employees, what government can do is support them in their efforts.

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