England lose on penalties, House of Lords reform and Scottish independence

These were the stories that greeted me on the radio news this morning, it was enough to make me want to pull the covers over my head.

England seemed more unified as a team than at any time in the last few years and much credit should go to Roy Hodgson, but they were outplayed by Italy and in the end it was a fair result.  Over the next two years Hodgson will have to find some new players with both talent and physical stamina to have any chance in the World Cup.  Well that’s what my friends who know something about football tell me.

House of Lords reform. Why? I genuinely can’t understand why this issue is being driven through now, or indeed at all.  If we were starting from scratch we wouldn’t create The Lords as we currently have them.  But we’re not starting from scratch and despite/because of its weird structure it works.  An elected Lords would lose so much real world experience and would become filled with the same type of people that mainly fill the Commons. Career politicians.

Scottish independent, no one really wants it do they? I know the SNP don’t.  What they want is more devolved power, Devo Max, and the independence referendum is just a Trojan horse for that.  How would the SNP define themselves if they ever did get independence? My advice to them, just like it was for Lib Dems desperate for coalition government, be careful what you wish for.

Also what would they do for money?  I hear that their plan is to peg the Scottish Pound to the British (English?) Pound, are they not watching the news from Greece? Can they not see what happens when two very different economies are joined by the same currency?

Well, lucky me, I can forget all about national and international politics for a few hours and focus on London, and it’s even sunny!

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