Misuse of public funds?

A couple of weeks back I highlighted a stitch up at the London Assembly.  The Conservative group got wind of a secret agreement between the Labour, Lib Dem and Green groups to take all the chairmanships of the Assembly committees and the Assembly itself.  They decided to completely ignore proportionality.

Their agreement was laid out in a document which concluded with an agreement for Labour to vote for the Lib Dems and Greens to get a disproportionately large slice of the group support budget.  The two smaller parties would each get an extra £25,000 of public funding, they acordingly voted for Labour’s chairmanship proposals.

Just as their pact said, when the distribution of group budgets was voted on in comittee (chaired by a Labour member, also as per their deal) Labour voted for the redistribution of the £50,000.  You can watch dirty politics in action here and here with the committee paper breaking down the maths of the deal here.

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