Livingstone hoisted on his own petard

If ever there was an example of a politician being caught out by his their own rhetoric the situation with Ken Livingstone and his tax arrangements is it.

Over on the Guardian, Livingstone his written a piece claiming that this tax argument, which is damaging him so much, is just a Tory trick to distract voters from the important issues affecting Londoners.  This might hold water if it was us who first brought up the issue of politician’s tax arrangements, it wasn’t it was Livingstone.  Far from being a Tory ploy it is a Livingstone cock-up from start to finish.

At every stage in this argument Livingstone has dug himself deeper into a hole, first calling his own judgement into question and now his honesty.  Judging by the comments stream underneath his article there are now many on the Left who are shocked by his levels of dishonesty, I’m just shocked it has taken them this long to work it out.

We has spent months reminding voters that Ken Livingstone has a history of broken promises while Boris has delivered on his.  No one has done more to reinforce that point in voters’ minds than Ken Livingstone himself.  In an election about honesty, integrity and trust it was never a good idea for him to bring up a tax argument, lie about your own tax status, lie about your opponent’s tax status and then tell everyone that it’s all just a Tory dirty tricks campaign.

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