Boris works much harder for London than Livingstone did


Official figures show that Boris had six times more official engagements in London’s boroughs that Ken Livingstone did over the same period.

In another spectacular example of shooting himself in the foot, Ken Livingstone has tried to criticise Boris for writing a weekly column on a Sunday afternoon.  Livingstone claims that London deserves a full time Mayor, and he’s right, which makes me ask what he did every Friday?

An analysis of the Mayor’s published diaries shows that in his last four years Livingstone only visited the boroughs 86 times, in his four years Boris has made over 500 such visits.

And Boris has shown himself to be a Mayor for all London, not only seeing outer London more than Livingstone did, but also visiting Tower Hamlets, Southwark, Lambeth, Newham and Hackney significantly more times too.

Clearly being Mayor isn’t just about work rate but talking to London’s boroughs is an essential part of the job and helps the Mayor really understand what London needs.  This understanding has helped Boris successfully lobby central government for protection of Crossrail funding, extra money for policing, social housing and jobs.

Livingstone visited Venezuela more times than Hammersmith!

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