Boris, the 2008 manifesto audit

Click to read full report

Today Boris released a document running through the promises he made in his 2008 election manifesto and how we have done in delivering them.

This progress report is brutally honest about what we haven’t been able to deliver as well as highlighting the successes over the last four years.  It is well worth a read but if you’re short of time the headline figures are that of the 108 pledges in the manifesto, 98 have been delivered, 5 are in the process of being delivered and 5 haven’t been.

As the mayoral election draws near it is important not just to judge the candidates by what they say but by what they do.  It is easy to make headline grabbing promises if you have no qualms about dropping them post election, the tougher job is to promise only what you genuinely believe you are able to deliver and then deliver those promises.

I wonder if Ken Livingstone has the guts to be this honest with Londoners?

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