Ken Livingstone’s fares claims fall apart

On the Andrew Marr show on Sunday Ken Livingstone was put on the spot about his tax hypocrisy and the gaping hole where his credibility on transport and EMA funding is meant to be.

Specifically and significantly when asked about how he intended to pay for his claimed fares cut, his flagship policy, Livingstone changed his tune.  In January he was claiming that the £300 million a year needed to fund it was just sitting in TfL’s bank doing nothing.  Yesterday he said that in a budget as large as TfL’s the money could easily be found.
I don’t say this very often but Livingstone is right.  £300 million a year could be found from TfL’s spending, found by cutting things like the tube upgrade work, or the Crossrail link to Abbey Wood, or Safer Transport Teams, etc.  The simple truth is that you can’t cut the fares without cutting services and Livingstone knows it.

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