Tessa Jowell admits Labour and Livingstone ignored Bexley and Bromley

Tessa Jowell, the chairman of Ken Livingstone’s election campaign has admitted that outer London has been ignored by both Ken Livingstone and Labour.  Talking to the Evening Standard she claims now, in the last months of the campaign they are finally turning their attention to Bexley and Bromley.

She cynically conceeded that this new found focus is purely for electoral advantage, “This is forensic campaigning focusing on areas where we have lost support.”, she goes on to say “This is going to be a close election and everybody recognises that this could be a game-changer.”

Livingstone had eight years as Mayor of London and four years sinse to pay some interest in Bexley or Bromley, he chose not to.  But now that he hopes to harvest some votes he has changed his tune.  Tessa Jowell lets the cat out of the bag by saying “We will be blitzing these boroughs, door knocking and talking to people. We’re contacting people who haven’t seen a Labour campaigner in those boroughs for 20 or 25 years.”

I am astonised that she says with pride that Labour have ignored the people of Bexley and Bromly for 20-25 years. Is it little wonder that at council, parliamentry, GLA and Mayoral elections the people of both boroughs reject Labour at the ballot box and vote Conservative?

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