Livingstone’s either financially incompetent or he’s lying – part 2

Having dug himself into a hole over his phantom TFL money (details here) Livingstone is doing it again with police funding.

His latest “promise” is to recruit an extra 1,700 police officers paid for:

“by ensuring that Transport for London pays the full cost of the Safer Transport Command, reduce spending on bureaucracy at the new MOPC, stand up against Tory government cuts and deploy new technology to ensure smarter working and increase detection rates”

Somehow he failed to notice that TFL are already paying for whole cost of Safer Transport Command, another example of Livingstone spending the same money twice.  Standing up to “Tory cuts” sounds good but can you imagine Livingstone successfully negotiating the £90million funding package with the Government as Boris and Kit Malthouse recently did?  No neither do I.

For someone who claims to have spent all day analysing the police budget this seems to be a rather huge error on his part. Or might it just be another massive whopper?

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