Ken Livingstone shows his true colours

The more people see of Boris the more they like Boris. Livingstone is the same, the more people see of Livingstone the more they like Boris.

I genuinely believe that the more exposure that Livingstone gets during this campaign the less chance he has of winning.  It is getting to the point where he cannot open his mouth without saying something nasty, personal, crass or deceitful.  And Londoners don’t like it.

Today we hear that Livingstone has called Lady Thatcher “clinically insane” in an interview with the New Statesman, whether you agree with her policies or not, that comment is disgusting.  It’s up there with describing former Wandsworth council leader Sir Edward Lister as Bosnian war criminal, Ratko Mladic or Jewish reporter Oliver Feingold as a concentration camp guard.

One disgusting comment like that in an interview would be bad enough but Livingstone goes on to describe the Conservative party as being “riddled” with homosexuality.  Riddled? Like a cancer or worms?  Riddled isn’t a word you use about something positive, something you like or want to encourage yet it’s the word Livingstone used about lesbians and gays in politics.

Livingstone has really let his mask slip and what we see behind it isn’t pretty.

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