Livingstone planning to hand London’s transport system to the RMT

Ken Livingstone’s campaign is being propped up by the transport unions, last month the TSSA agreed to give the Livingstone campaign £25,000.  They are also looking to merge with the RMT to create a transport “super union”.

“So what?” you might ask.

Many of us have suspected that the unions would demand some payback for their financial support it looks Livingstone is planning to give them some.

Val Shawcross with members of the militant RMT union

The person on the left of this picture (holding the poster) is Val Shawcross AM, Livingstone’s nominee for Chair of Transport for London.  The people holding the banners are members and supporters of the RMT, the union threatening to strike during the Olympic and Paralympic games despite the offer of a £500 bonus just for turning up to work.

This is the same union that has attempted to cripple London through politically motivated strikes a number of times over the last few years.  They want to get rid of Boris and replaced with people more “sympathetic to their views” and more happy to be their mouthpieces at City Hall.

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