Make film making cheaper

David Cameron has called for the UK film industry to be more bold and take on the might of the Hollywood studios and announced that film funding will be focussed towards achieving that goal.

The film industry is incredibly important to London’s economy as very few films don’t involve a London based company somewhere along the way.  I have long been envious of the amount of exposure that New York gets from the film’s that are set there, so many of it’s buildings and roads have become iconic through their use in film.  Unfortunately London isn’t easy to film in and consequently hasn’t had as much movie exposure as NY.

To get the blockbusters made here in the UK we must continue to encourage new entrants and smaller players in the film industry too.  One simple idea that could help the emerging end of the market is the cost of getting a film classified.  Putting a film through the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) cost the same for film with a budget of £100 million as it does for one with only £100,000.

If the BBFC could operate a sliding scale to help smaller films get to market it would be another small step towards building a vibrant and profitable film industry in the UK.

2 responses to “Make film making cheaper

  1. The problem is that a lot of British film makers make weird movies about their personal obsessions. Like 'Hamster 3' and 'I Was a Teenage Cat' and 'My Reely Exciting Life with Ron'. Not surprisingly, getting distribution for such movies is not easy. But then, anything would be better than Hollywood's endless tsunami of sex, violence and simply delightful language.

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