Who’s really screwing low paid women?

In the lead up to Wednesday’s strike it was claimed that women were going to be hardest hit by the pension changes that the government has to make. Harriet Harman was particularly vocal in her condemnation of the effect on “low paid women” despite the protections put in place specifically focussed on the lowest paid.

One claim I overheard in a conversation was that the “Tories are screwing up (actually stronger words to that effect) the pensions of low paid women”. Not only is that factually wrong but let’s look at who was hit the hardest by the mass closure of schools yesterday.

Up and down the UK working mothers, who still bare the brunt of childcare responsibilities, had to either sort out late notice childcare or take a day off work. Many of those women are on daily or even hourly rates and won’t have the option of working from home that day. The strike will have screwed them to the tune of a day’s pay.

As I’ve said before, when strikes hit the pockets of wealthy factory, mill or mine owners I could understand why workers withdrew their labour. But these public sector strikes hurt the very people who are currently trying to make ends meet. They disproportionally hit part-time workers, working mothers and those who rely on public services.

Well paid union bosses are screwing low paid workers. How perverse is that?

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