Tom Watson’s behaviour is stupid and counterproductive

Tom Watson’s Mafia question to James Murdoch was designed to get Tom Watson on the news.  It worked.  However the committee’s job is to find out what happened at News International during the phone hacking scandal.

Watson’s questions did nothing to get new or significant information was unnecessarily rude and provocative.  He even managed to create a situation where James Murdoch became the sympathetic character.

I have long felt that Tom Watson was a disloyal schemer, I can now add to this that I think he is a coward.  He would never dare to make an accusation like that without parliamentary privilege and in doing so he damages not only his own credibility but also that of the whole committee.

3 responses to “Tom Watson’s behaviour is stupid and counterproductive

  1. I very much agree. I always feel that those who are losing the argument resort to personal abuse. Yet in this instance I feel that he had prepared the comments so was seeking self promotion. He is writing a book on the subject – a reason? Or perhaps it is just to boost his ego.

    On another note, I saw a tweet from a sky reporter saying that he had refused to be interviewed by Sky relating to their mentioning a particular blogger? The blogger has been keeping an eye on this MP as well as others. For example, Mr Watson has asked under FOI how much has been spent in the flat occupied by the PM. The blogger has gone over Mr Watson's expenses and highlighted costs of some £100,000 for a flat shared with another MP. That was refurbishment costs apparently. We need bloggers to point up these issues. MP's can certainly dole out abuse but are unable to accept criticism.

    Mr Murdoch had my sympathy yesterday from the aggressive and often rude questioning by some. Astonishing given that many of these MPs have never worked in the real world and do not know how global businesses work. The MP in question has worked for a TU only.

    How will I be able to trust the report that follows? Some of the MPs on the committee are so biased against this company, are so wrapped up in the issue that I fear impartiality will be lost. The Chair has an important role to play but he too failed miserably yesterday.

  2. Let's hope he does write a book. Not understanding how global businesses work? Spying on the bereaved and ruining police investigations about murdered children? Blimey, you must have done your MBA in a tough business school!

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