Livingstone and his running mate at odds over their own fares policy

Ken Livingstone and his nominee for Deputy Mayor can’t even agree as to where the money for his pie in the sky fares commitment would come from.

When announcing his fare cut, Ken said:

‘Without touching either future investment budgets, reserves, or existing operating budgets we can put the excess money to work for Londoners by holding down their fares.’

But his deputy Val Shawcross then blew a hole wide open in their spending plans, when she said on Iain Dale’s LBC show:

‘I think we need to something to deal with working Londoners and certainly, we think, we’ve done the calculations, there’s an enormous amount of money in TfL’s reserves’.

So there is either a split in Livingstone’s top team (which I doubt) or neither of them have a clue as to how they would fund the 5% fare cut (much more likely).

The fare cut makes for good headlines but Londoners aren’t stupid and it is clear that they don’t believe Livingstone on this issue.  He has history of saying one thing before an election and doing the opposite afterwards.

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