Livingstone, serious about winning, not serious about being Mayor

Livingstone has said that he will cut TFL fares by 5% if elected next spring.  That’s great for headlines and may even prove to be good campaign politics but it shows that he is focussed solely on winning the election, not of governing.

His pitch is that TFL are projected to make an operating surplus, he implies that this money is just sitting around waiting for a home.  The truth is that the money is being used to improve London’s transport infrastructure, providing the updates and upgrades that Livingstone failed to do during his two terms as Mayor.

The surplus also funds the extra British Transport Police, like the team based at Bromley South train station, and the safer transport teams that have helped slash crime on the public transport system.

In his interview Livingstone confesses to hiking fares up and then freezing them before elections.  This can win short term popularity but makes it almost impossible for TFL to plan any long term capital projects.

As I said before Boris will not play politics with fares the way that Livingstone did and has promised to do again.

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