What I did on my Summer holidays

Having two primary school aged children is a great way to remember little traditions from your own childhood.  The “What I did on my Summer holiday” essay is one of them.  So here’s mine.

20 Brigade’s Flash

 The first couple of days of the break was just about getting up late and then going to bed late, bliss.  I also did a bit of preparation for the London Triathlon relay which I did with two colleagues from LWARB.  Just as the riots were kicking off in London I was heading down to Salisbury plain to join 19 (Light) Brigade who were conducting training for 20 (Armoured) Brigade who were themselves preparing to deploy to Afghanistan.

It was enlightening listening to the views of soldiers when they read about calls to deploy the military to the streets during the disturbances.  There really isn’t a huge appetite to do police work while in the middle of very high intensity military commitments.

While I was off “on the plain” Susie and the boys were down in Cornwall trying to make the most of the little sun that there was and once I finished my soldiering we all went up to Norfolk for a week.

All that relaxation is now well behind me as I look forward to what will be an interesting period leading up to the elections in May.

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