Opportunistic hypocrisy

This morning’s session of Mayoral questions was not a great advert for the Assembly.  It was clear that the Labour group was under instructions from Livingstone to parrot his attack on Boris over the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

The sum total of Livingstone’s attack is that Boris has had meetings and lunches with members of the News International team and that last year he said that the allegations made by Sean Hoare in the New York Times were “codswallop”.

This would be pretty partisan and opportunistic on it’s own but coming from Ken Livingstone it is particularly crass.  Livingstone, who was Mayor of London at the time of the phone hacking, also had lunches with News International executives including with James Murdoc in October 2006, two months after the phone hacking arrests.  He has also written almost 30 articles for News International publicaions and spent millions of pounds of tax payers’ money with a celebrity PR firm own by Rupert Murdoch’s son-in-law.

People in glass houses and all that….

3 responses to “Opportunistic hypocrisy

  1. How are the windows in your glass house? I expect you'll delete along with other comments but I do not think you a fit person to be a Tory candidate, let alone represent constituents. Apart from mud-slinging and deceiving voters, what on earth do you do?

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