The Left think we’re evil and we think they’re stupid

Conservativehome has a very illuminating article listing some of the anti-Tory rhetoric spouted by left wing political commentators.  In private conversations that I have with left wingers it is clear that on a one-to-one basis they are not all filled with hate, yet there is a group dynamic that takes over when they get together or when they speak to the media.  They go all angry and hate filled.

I’m not sure how much of this is driven by genuine outrage at Conservative policies and how much is faux-outrage generated for purely party political reasons but it is both pradictable and relentless.

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I hear people saying that Conservatives hate poor people, or hate single mothers, or hate black people, or hate children etc. etc. etc.  I struggle to understand how anyone can really believe this to be true.  Do the left think that people get into Conservative politics thinking it is the best vehicle for screwing over the poor, or do they think that we get into politics with good intentions but that experience mutates us?

Their criticisms would make more sense if they said “the Tories are doing this because they think it will help the country but, in fact, this will really hurt the poor” but we almost never hear that.  What we hear is “the Tories are doing this to hurt the poor”.  I heard one person say, on Radio4’s any questions, that Iain Duncan-Smith’s welfare reforms would see out of work people “literally thrown of a cliff”, either they don’t know what the word literally means or they think IDS is a very unpleasant person.

Now, don’t think that my party is immune from having a blind spot when it comes to a proper assessment of our political opponents.  The most common view of the Left amongst Conservatives is that they are stupid, well intentioned but inept.  Blinded by their belief in big government as a force for good, big spending as a means to economic and social improvement and big taxation and borrowing as a means to pay for it all.

Heart in the right place but with their heads up their backsides.

Obviously I don’t buy in to either of these stereotypes.  Conservatives want to improve people’s lives just like those on the left do but we will disagree about the means to do it.  Clearly to get into politics, either Labour or Conservative, requires a degree of intelligence or they would fail to be successful in what is a fiercely competitive process.

It would be nice if we could accept that there will be big differences between political ideologies, that our methods will vary but that people entering public service do so for good reasons and are not stupid.

Except the Lefties, who are all stupid!

4 responses to “The Left think we’re evil and we think they’re stupid

  1. so what experience mutated you?

    What turned you from an ideological Local Government employee into the person you are today?

    Inquiring minds wish to know, after all you have had a somewhat interesting political past, remember the Simon Hughes comments anyone?

    Ohh and feel free to omit this posting from your blog all in the name of content moderation. Nothing like being open and transparent, as long as you like the comments being made.

  2. More yah boo sucks comment. I know that there are well-intentioned people on either side who are determined to do the right thing, their way. It's just that you aren't one of them.

  3. It wasn't that long ago that the Conservative Party was openly homophobic, a little earlier they were institutionally racist. Unfortunately this represented a large proportion of the British public, but times have changed and the Conservative Party are not quite so evil.

    But there are still many in the Conservative Party who want us to withdraw from the European Convension of Human Right, regard a single immigrant as one too many, believe that the poor are simply lazy, single mothers have loose morals, and victims of rape were asking for it. These are not all intrinsically evil views (some are), but they are prejudices that lead to policies that do harm. And it is the harmful policies that are evil.

    Conservatives* want to improve people's lives, but usually their own first and not those of the 'little people' or those 'other' groups.

    But take no notice, I'm probably stupid, poor, unimportant, lazy, and other.

    * Not just Conservatives, but more so than any other political party.

  4. We're only human so it's inevitable that we'll hate the left and visa versa. They're real idiots, let's be honest.

    Seriously the left-wingers behaviour during Mayor's Question Time is completely unacceptable especially John Biggs-ot and the completely obnoxious Len Duvall.

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