Livingstone, insulting as ever in Bromley

Having spent most of his political career either ignoring or attacking Bromley residents, Livingstone now realises he needs the borough’s votes to win.  On Tuesday he broke the habit of a lifetime and condescended to visit my constituency.

Livingstone was on traditional form when he compared Boris’s new Chief of Staff to the mass murderer and war criminal Ratko Mladic, what do you expect from a man who described a Jewish reporter as a Nazi and Trevor Philips as a racist and Barack Obama as a mobster?

In many respects Livingstone hasn’t changed, if anything his time out of office has made him a bit more extreme.  The last time he was in office he had a concerted campaign against drivers including plans for a congestion zone in the very town centre he visited on Tuesday.  Now he plans to hit holiday makers.

In his Tell Ken event he said that businesspeople should take up the current air capacity and that ordinary people should holiday in the UK even though he said the UK tourist industry was rubbish.  How many people can you alienate in one statement?  Here is the offending quote:

“I think Western nations have got to live within their existing airline capacity…. If it is about prioritising so that it is biased towards business use, I’m happy with that, just so long as you say to people we’ll have to have more holidays in England.

“That would actually require England’s domestic holiday industry to up its game in many areas as it is pretty miserable a lot of it.”

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