Measles, get your child immunised

One of the first pieces of work I did when I got elected to the London Assembly’s Health and Public Services Committee back in 2008 was to look at London’s immunisation rates.  The picture was pretty poor.

Not only did we have the lowest levels of any part of the UK but the trend was heading in the wrong direction.  The Evening Standard wrote up the research as “Measles timebomb” and splashed with it on their advertising boards.

I now hear news that there has been a ten-fold increase in measles infections in the first four months of this year, compared to last year, up from 33 to 334 with 206 being in London and the South East.

This sudden increase has sparked renewed call for parents to get their children immunised. Many people were put off by the, completely discredited, Lancet article written by Andrew Wakefield claiming that the MMR jab caused autism. It doesn’t. But measles can cause blindness, deafness and in extreme cases is deadly.

Please, please, please get your children immunised if you haven’t already done so.

3 responses to “Measles, get your child immunised

  1. Perhaps you can provide some figures concerning the children of Politicians and whether they have received the full MMR or did mummy and daddy decide to opt for the three separate jabs privately?

  2. James,
    What is your view on the BCG and the fact that many of our children are not offered this?

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