GPs and Councillors put forward alternative to NHS Trust’s plans to sell-off QMH

At the beginning of the week plans for new services at Queen Mary’s Hospital were forward to NHS London by local GPs and Bexley council. The proposals include more and better services for older people and those with long-term conditions, services that help people avoid emergency hospital admissions and would build on the remaining services to include a comprehensive range of diagnostic services, community services and education and training facilities to help patients and their carers and families better manage their own conditions.

If plan is approved by NHS London it will go out to wider public consultation. Ultimately the services on the site will be commissioned by local GPs and the London Borough of Bexley and will include a range of primary, community and hospital services, closely linked to GP surgeries.

The GP/Council proposals compare with the plans for major land sell-offs being considered by South London NHS Trust and exposed in the News Shopper last week. It is becoming increasingly clear that the current trust see QMH as a way out of their woeful financial situation rather that the site for a thriving local hospital and health hub.

I have written to the Chair of NHS London in support of the expansion plans and will be writing next week opposing the plans to sell off major chinks of the QMH site.

One response to “GPs and Councillors put forward alternative to NHS Trust’s plans to sell-off QMH

  1. We want the A&E back. You seemed to have moved on from that issue, it was a major part of your election campaign.

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