Discount on lower emissions vans

This morning Boris was in Erith, North Bexley, announcing a deal that he has has secured giving significant discounts for new vans and minibuses for drivers set to be affected by changes to the Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

I have long felt that the LEZ was at best a blunt tool and I was pleased that the Mayor understood the difficulties that small businesses faced getting their vehicle fleets to comply with the new emissions standards.  Last year Boris delayed the implementation of phase 3 of the scheme to give businesses extra time to convert or replace their vehicles. 

This morning he has taken another step to help businesses to avoid fines when changes to the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) come into effect in January 2012.  In his usual style Boris said

‘Vans are the lifeblood of this city. Their drivers are knights of the road, an army of entrepreneurs who decorate our homes, fix our plumbing and generally provide all the vital goods and services essential to the smooth running of our city. This noble bunch is mostly small business owners and independent traders who are focused on grafting hard to support their families and build a better future.

‘The vast majority of people who are affected by these new changes have upgraded their vehicles and need not take any action. But for those remaining people I know these are difficult times and that their vehicles are essential for their livelihoods.

‘I want to do all I can to help. I have already given extra breathing space during the depths of the recession before these standards are introduced. But pollution remains a serious health issue and although we have seen off large fines that were looming from Europe, this remains a real threat unless we take drastic measures.

‘So I am pleased to announce I have secured a hefty package of discounts with major van manufacturers which will help Londoners trade up their vehicles to new, cleaner models. Now is the time to help us tackle dangerous emissions to help those who most deserve our protection. The health of our children is too important to put at risk.’

The manufacturers who are offering deals are: Ashwoods, Citroën, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot and Volkswagen.

5 responses to “Discount on lower emissions vans

  1. God this makes me so angry.

    Small businesses are struggling to stay afloat in this time of cuts and blames on previous Governments. And now we have to purchase newer vehicles to satisfy a cycling Mayor and a rather unknown Politician who has never had to work in a manual profession in his life. And you champion yourself as some sort of Business Guru. Bah.

    Unfortunately for the majority of Electricians, plumbers, builders like myself and the countless other trades persons, the £20000 cost of a new van will be passed on to the customer even with the mayors negotiated discount of £500. Big deal.

  2. I remember when Boris last popped down to patronise the locals. We had an A&E then… Did he mention this time how the 'knights of the road' would receive emergency treatment if they crashed on the A2 or A20? He was quite keen on this example of why we should be keeping our A&E facility before the last election, as was his briefcase carrier. However, in about three weeks, Mr Cleverly should be bringing us up to date with his progress on getting this facility back to QMH.

  3. Dear Anon #1,

    I share your frustration, which is why I successfully campaigned to get the implementation of this part of the scheme delayed from last year.

    You are right that the cost of a new van is out of the reach of many businesses at the moment but remember vehicles can also be made compliant by fitting a filter. Details on this are available on the TFL website.

    I would also say that being a soldier is a pretty “manual” profession.


  4. surfdog60
    I have also had the letter from TFL. The cost of fitting the filter is between £1500-3000. I think this is outrageous and have started a petition against yet another draconian loony eco tax which will inflict more misery on struggling businesses.. the link is as follows http://www.ipetitions…emissionszonescandal

  5. this is just another example of the UK jumping through EU hoops this is going to cost the tax payers of the UK millions as so many small companies close and these people join the every growing unempolyment numbers. i think that Boris should stand down as our the people of London's mayor, as he costs us the tax payer so much money and hardship. No other city in the UK has a Boris and the people that live in them don't have to face these crazy changes that effect the people that voted this person in, he should remember it was us that put him where he is and it is us that can remove him too.

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