Jon Cheetham filming for

I love community driven media, the locally produced and focused content gives a level of detail that could never be covered by the mainstream print and broadcast media.  The fall in prices for digital film equipment and the internet make both production and distribution possible for people who could never have hoped to be involved in film making a decade ago.

www.aroundbromley.tv is a fairly new experiment in community journalism and Jon Cheetham came to the Outer London Regeneration fund launch and recorded Boris, Stephen Carr and I for the site.  You can follow aroundbromley.tv on Twitter and facebook as well as visiting the site directly.

I wish everyone involved the best of luck.

3 responses to “www.aroundbromley.tv

  1. Presumably you won't mind answering some fairly robust questions on 'community-driven media' about the restoration of the A&E facility at Queen Mary's, which you became interested in just before the election? I understand that your delicate negotiations are 'confidential' now but shall we agree that in a month you can report back on progress?

  2. James, you really must stop posting like this. As for obsessing, yes! I want the A&E back. Did you not watch your own video where Boris demanded a 'relentless display of public displeasure, they don't like it up 'em,' in order to achieve that objective?

    Now I suggest that you stop intimidating people on your blog and get on with sorting out this mess. How many people have already suffered because they can't get to an A&E fast enough?

    If you do this, you'll be a local hero. I don't want to post anymore until you update us with your progress.

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