So, what has Boris done for us?

The Back Boris 2012 website is being updated on a regular basis, check it out.

There is a great section which shows what we have achieved in the three years sinse the elections in May 2008, broken down by borough.  Amongst the improvements for Bexley are an extra 42 polices officers and 20 Special Constables on to the beat and crime down by 14.4%, including reducing robberies by a massive 27.8%.

Bromley enjoys an extra 21 police officers, 7 PCSOs and 49 Special Constables helping Bromley see London’s 7th biggest drop in crime and an extra 415 street trees in Bromley paid for by getting rid of Ken Livingstone’s propaganda sheet The Londoner.

Click here to see the improvements where you live.

17 responses to “So, what has Boris done for us?

  1. And yet, despite all of it, didn't manage to save Queen Marys… one of the flagship promises made to get the votes in, and certainly my biggest disappointment over the entire period.

    Also.. every other stat presented uses real numbers. Why are % figures offered for the crime figures? It would be interesting to know the reduction in real terms. Were there 28 less burglaries or 27800? Whats the real impact?

  2. Yes, you can put 'Boris Johnson' and 'Queen Mary's Sidcup' into Google search and see exactly what was said about the closure of A&E before election time. I see that the subject is little discussed now. What is also little discussed is the shambles of replacement A&E at Queen Elizabeth. But if you're always visiting a dump or an Olympic Park, or handing out awards to our beloved railway companies, there is little time for immediate trifles such as public health.

  3. I have extended the East London Line into Bromley which has opened ahead of schedule and on budget

    Perhaps he should give Ken some credit for this important new train service.

    The Bromley service did not open ahead of schedule, it was always planned for 23rd May 2010.

  4. Robably and Anonymous have an excellent point.

    Why isnt the removal of a local A&E mentioned in this spectacular list?

    Presumably we are no longer allowed to mention this minor oversight.

    Well done Mr Mayor!

  5. Further mentions of using hospitals to gain votes is likely to result in the reinstatement of compulsory identification on this site in order to discourage those who are willing to point out breath-consuming manipulation of voters.

    The result last time anonymity was withdrawn was that virtually no-one posted here at all. Apart from someone who calls him or herself 'Excalibur', who applauded the withdrawal of anonymity!

    Until you either resign James or admit what local Conservatives did, this will not go away. It will certainly be back at election time.

  6. Hi Anon,

    I see we're back to claiming to be a number people again, why not just write “I agree with myself from earlier”.

    It would make it soo much easier for others to follow.

  7. Guide to engaging with voters (Bexley/Bromley version)

    1. Provide a facility for people to remain anonymous.
    2. If a person points out where voters have been misled, think up a bizarre excuse, write about carrying Boris's briefcase to a dump or make up a ludicrous analogy that doesn't work.
    3. If more than one person points out where voters have been misled – but make use of the facility to remain anonymous (that you provided) then just say that it's only one person that could possibly have realised what local Conservatives did with Queen Mary's and revert to (2).
    4. If things become a bit too hot, remove the anonymous facility but allow people to post under any name they choose, as long as it's not 'anonymous'. Slight drawback is that this leads to virtually no-one posting at all and your important views on 'only park where it's legal', brown shoes or other subjects close to local hearts get missed.
    5. Under no circumstances admit that voters were misled or that nobody understood that they actually had no say over what they preached to voters about.

    The Queen Mary's situation is serious. You were all over the internet crowing about how the previous government was allowing this facility to shut. Now that your government has done this you are taking no action whatsoever. If you are, you're keeping it very secret.

    That is what is making people upset. And the fact that each and every person who is unhappy about this is being accused of being 'just one person' makes people even more determined that you are publicly seen to acknowledge this as an issue for local Conservatives to admit to and then attempt to resolve. Or move over and let someone else have a go.

  8. Oops Temper temper James, it appears the proverbial sore nerve has been touched regarding QMH yet again.

    It still remains a taboo subject with many MPs and Mayoral candidates.

    Its best we all stop mentioning it now, or else the moderator will remove anonymous comments again after a similar affair happened at the beginning of the year.

    Strangely that was rescinded after no one bothered to comment on this blog anymore. Hmmmm there is an idea………………..

  9. Boris or Ken?

    7.5 Million Londoners and we have to pick one of these morons.

    London plodded along just fine without a mayor and his cronies drawing a wage. In this age of saving and cuts, maybe its time to cut some Politicians, ready to take one for the team James?

  10. So, only one person had noticed what you did then James?

    The QMH situation is serious. Whether you're a Tory, LibDem or Labour you were misled by some local politicians who are getting very angry whenever this is mentioned. You are compromised James, and you've made things worse by attempting to ridicule people who will not let you forget this.

  11. All I'm saying is that it's funny how “everyone” seemed to stop posting comments about QMH on every one of my blog-posts at exactly the same time and now “everyone” has has started again, at the same time.

    Coincidence? I'll let the readers decide.

  12. You are absolutely priceless. You would do anything rather than admit to misleading voters. And you appear to be doing nothing to to bring back A&E. Or anything else that is of value to constituents.

    Interesting video posted by J Regis. After you blathering about the government taking away this vital facility ( just before your govt took it), Boris says: “The only way to keep this facility is through constant expression of public displeasure. They don't like it up 'em.” I cringed at the last bit. But it does seem that you 'don't like it up you'.

    You'd better restore the 'no anonymity' status to your site. That way you'll have no troublesome comments, or any comments at all.

  13. Love the video.

    James, I think you should welcome these constant expression of public displeasure on your blog. Boris would be very proud of the comments. As 'the reader' it seems fairly clear that there is more than one person who objects to the closure of A&E at QMH.

    It takes a lot of effort to post when you switch off the anonymous options, so it is not surprising that the number of comments dry up when you make people jump through hoops to voice their concerns.

    It is perfectly reasonable for people to ask what you have done to save the A&E in the last 6 months. I'm sure you are working hard on this issue following all those promises at the election, and you should let your constituents know about your work on an issue they are passionate about.

  14. Just to be clear. I'm not the same person as Anonymous… so there are at least 2 people who post on here who care.. albeit if I only do it infrequently!

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