Congratulations to Jenny Jones

I like Jenny Jones and I’m pleased that her years of commitment to the Green Party have been recognised in her selection as their candidate for Mayor of London.  Having said I like her I would also like to make it clear that I disagree with her on almost every political issue, you would hardly expect anything else considering her party is on the far left of the political spectrum.

It’s Jenny’s anti-motorist policies that worry me the most, although she has no real chance of becoming Mayor she was instrumental in promoting the original congestion charge as Deputy Mayor in Livingstone’s first term and the Western Extension Zone in his second term.  On transport issues it is clear that Jenny has Livingstone’s ear.  This should worry every car owner in London because Jenny’s latest idea is a £50 per day congestion charge stretching right out to the M25.

If Livingstone gets back in he will need the votes of the Greens to get his budgets through, just like he did in his first two terms.  Jenny has presented us all with her bargaining position for that electoral support.

I fought an outer London Congestion Charge before and I’ll do it again.

One response to “Congratulations to Jenny Jones

  1. Interesting. Think Jenny needs some geography lessons too. London doesn't currently extend out to the M25, although the current Mayor evidently would like it to.

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