So what is Livingstone’s plan?

Ken Livingstone gave an interview to Mayorwatch website yesterday which gave away so much more than he could possibly have imagined.

You can listen to the interview here.

At the 6 minute 30 second point Livingstone states that he will announce his plans for London AFTER the election.  Just in case you miss it, he says it again at the 6 minute 40 second point.  He justifies this by saying that there wouldn’t be much money available to him under a Conservative government and therefore he is unwilling to make any public plans.

Firstly this shows a huge level of contempt for the voters of London, the man believes that he should be voted in even though he won’t share his plans with Londoners.  Secondly it shows what a one trick pony he is, if he can’t throw huge amounts of public money at a problem he can’t see how it can be solved.  And finally he concedes that Boris will have a much more financially productive relationship with the government than he could.

If this was an exercise in talking yourself out of a job he would get top prize.

One response to “So what is Livingstone’s plan?

  1. As much as I enjoy reading controversial I have to ask…

    “am I the only one who is fed up with the constant mud flinging that goes on in politics nowadays?”

    As a Londoner with a passing interest in how decisions are made, I would find it truly refreshing if we could could concentrate on the good things WE do not the bad the OTHERS are doing.

    I feel I may alas, live in gaga land. Ho hum.

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