The police advice to student protesters

The Met have produced a leaflet to be handed out to people attending student demonstrations which may happen in connection with today’s EMA vote in the House of Commons.

I think that this is a positive move as it sets out the expectations and responsibilities of both the police and protesters.

One response to “The police advice to student protesters

  1. What a badly worded document. In the section on what officers will wear they will wear yellow jackets (plural) but will be sharing a single helmet or flat cap, while others (plural) will wear a blue baseball cap (singular).

    Apparently 'Containment is used as a last resort'. Surely rubber bullets and live rounds are used as a last resort, after the failure of containment, or should demonstrators expect all possible measures to be taken before containment.

    And with officers 'mindful of your welfare' does this mean that every effort will be made to provide toilets if containment of innocent demonstrators lasts longer than 3 hours?

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