Livingstone in the transport unions’ pocket

Yesterday London Conservative MPs called upon Ken Livingstone to condemn the threat of strike action on the Royal Wedding day, he refused.  They also called on him to return the £5,000 donation given to his campaign by ASLEF, the union threatening the strike, again he refused.

Until very recently Livingstone’s campaign HQ was based at the TSSA Union’s HQ.  Val Shawcross, Livingstone’s Deputy Mayoral running mate, joined RMT protesters outside City Hall recently and has consistently failed to back motions in the Assembly critisising the transport strikes.

It is clear that Livingstone is so devoid of policies and any real criticism of Boris’s tenure as Mayor that he is attempting to undermine Boris via transport unions’ industrial action.  What make me really angry is that London’s residents and businesses that will be the ones who suffer because of this and if, heaven forbid, Livingstone were to win the unions would want their pound of flesh and Londoners would suffer all over again.

One response to “Livingstone in the transport unions’ pocket

  1. I think it is unfair to attack Ken for receiving funds from the unions. This is fairly normal for politicians in this country and you generally find that as a result they are unwilling to criticise the union too publicly. But this does not mean that strike action is being coordinated by Ken. I think the unions hate Boris enough that they don't need any encouragement from Ken.

    But rather than criticising his financial support from British unions, I think you should highlight his financial backing from the Iranian government via their TV and confession/torture network. His connections with such a disgusting regime prove that the Labour Party are making a big mistake in backing him for London Mayor. But Ken does not take his orders from Ed, he prefers the policies of the Ahmadinejad.

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