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Over the last few weeks you may have noticed that the comments stream has been dominated by an individual who has been focussed on the Queen Mary’s Hospital.  Clearly this is a hugely important issue and one on which I have written a number of times, but the individual in question feels that it is wrong for me to write about anything else.

The actions of this individual has put off others from commenting, attacking those that have and stifled comments on other issues which affect residents in Bexley and Bromley and London as a whole.

I have always had a very open policy towards the comments on this blog and have been happy for people to use it to critisise me, but I now feel that complete anonymity has allowed one individual to abuse the platform that this blog gives people to interact with me and other readers.  Because of this I have changed the settings so that only users with a legitimate ID can comment.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with what I say or do, but I do not hide behind a veil of anonymity, I am still happy for people to be critical of what I do, but I would ask that if you do so at least have the courage to be open and honest about who you are so that other readers can judge the motivation for your actions.

4 responses to “Comments policy

  1. Oh dear, clearly a nerve has been touched. It is clear to everyone but you that more and more people have commented on this, although I think I am probably the person you are referring to. On no occasion have I even referred to another post, let alone attacked anyone.

    I certainly haven't accused anyone of being a 'dick' or being 'obsessive'. I leave juvenile insults to others.

    You have cynically used an emotive local issue – and people – in an election campaign (Queen Mary's) and you have not answered questions about your pre-election 'determination' to keep this facility open. You have merely flung out insults and accusations.

    For your information – I do not live in Chislehurst, I am not a politician, I am apolitical in that I have opinions on a number of issues that don't necessarily line up with individual parties.

    But I don't like politicians or anybody who deliberately mislead people for their own ends, particularly those that pretend to be offended when later asked questions about their activities that they would rather not answer.

    Few people bother to comment on your blog as it is, apart from what you did with regard to Queen Mary's. Your determination to hide from the biggest issue facing you could ensure that no-one does. I hope that comments appear on anything you write until you directly address what you have done.

    And because of the way I have seen you treat people (and how you've referred to me) I would rather reamin anonymous whilst highlighting this issue.

  2. I don't like this policy.

    Why do I need to be 'open and honest' about my identity? I'm not standing for public office or employed by any political party. I just occasionally want to agree or disagree with the things you say.

    I don't think it is only one person who is upset by the abandonment of QMH. It appears to be quite a number of people, or are you saying that they are all a single individual?

  3. I made a comment earlier about censorship where politicians have been caught. The spam filter appears to be adjusted for a certain subject. What are you hiding Mr Cleverly?

  4. Excellent policy, James. I myself have not commented on certain posts that I would usually have due to the obsesive 'blah' posted by this individual. You have my full support on this one.

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