A blatantly political Boxing Day tube strike

At least the RMT and TSSA had the decency to pretend their recent strikes were about something other than getting Ken Livingstone back into City Hall.  In the past few strikes a veneer was put over the unions’ actions, but the Boxing Day stike called by ASLEF doesn’t even bother to do this.

The union have torn up a long standing agreement which covers bank holiday working and demanded triple time plus a day off in lieu for any drivers who are scheduled to work on Boxing Day, despite the already having received increased pay and 6.8 weeks off each year.

It looks as though Ken Livingstone intends to fight the next Mayoral election through the transport unions, hoping that the disruptions will be blamed on Boris.  This is cynical politicing at its worst, this will inconvenience many Londoners, hurt the lowest paid (who often don’t get paid if they can’t get to work) and harm the economy to the tune of £millions each strike day.  I don’t believe for a minute that Londoners will fall for it.

6 responses to “A blatantly political Boxing Day tube strike

  1. The High Court ruled it was TfL who had “torn up a long standing agreement”, do try to get your facts straight before writing.

  2. Why are you trying to score political points over a very obvious strike motivation (money).

    Personally I would expect a decent payment and time off in lieu if I had to work Boxing Day.

    It would be nice to spend time with friends and family (such as yourself). But lets face it you get remunerated very differently to a tube driver. So you can afford to be sarcastic about someone working or striking on Boxing day.

    As at Sept 2009 James' public remuneration is as follows:
    London Assembly – £52,910
    LWaRB – £15,000
    MPA – £9,570
    LDA –

    Total- £77480 plus usual expenses (duck houses etc)

    Tube drivers are on:
    It depends what you compare it with. A station supervisor earns £35,000-£39,000, while a tube driver's starting salary is just over £40,000, according to TfL. Pay grades for station assistants start at either £24,000 or £29,000 depending on the role and responsibilities.

    Doesnt quite add up does it.
    A tube driver delivers an obvious service.
    J Cleverly lies about hospital closures, but loves a photo call and a free lunch and got re-selected (not re-voted). He also revels in being argumentative and disrespectful to servicing MPs

    Strike on.

  3. Whilst I don't know the ins and outs of the tube strike, JC is compromised by the hospital promise and his opinion in anything must be read in the same way as if it were part of a pre-election campaign.

  4. JC,

    what the hell do you know about driving a tube train on Boxing day?

    You may have an opinion, but so what

    “I'm the London Assembly Member for Bexley and Bromley, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group and the Chairman of the London Waste & Recycling Board (LWaRB).”

    I see nothing that mentions transport…

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