New FareShare depot supported by London Waste And Recycling Board

Yesterday Boris and I went to the opening of a new FareShare depot in NW London funded by by the London Waste And Recycling Board (LWARB).

Boris, and I join the team at FareShare

FareShare do great work taking food that, for one reason or another, the food industry cannot sell and would trash and redistributing it to organisations that can use it. The reason that LWARB are supporting them is because 40% of that food waste would end up in landfill if it wasn’t for their work.

The new depot alone will prevent 800 tonnes a year of perfectly edible food ending up in a landfill site somewhere as well as providing two full time jobs and up to 80 volunteering opportunities.

I have to confess that standing in a chilled depot in the middle of December is very hard work on the feet, brogues bad, furry boots good.

9 responses to “New FareShare depot supported by London Waste And Recycling Board

  1. Hey James,
    We've got a great (free) event coming up which might interest them…
    “For What it’s Worth – can social enterprise really deliver local services?” – 16 February 2011, Blackfriars Lane, 10-3pm.
    Aims to bring practitioners and local authority procurement managers together to practically discuss which services lend themselves to social enterprise and how to go about implementation.

  2. Dear Mr Cleverly

    I am glad to read that you managed to get to NW London even though the transport conditions have been atrocious due to “a bit of snow”.

    Hopefully you took the time to mention to Mayor Johnson that the people of Bexley are fanatical and obsessive about the return of QMH A&E and Maternity unit.

    And I do Hope you did not accidentally call him a “dick”, as you have some history of inappropriately calling important allies childish names…

  3. This has nothing to do with your campaign re Queen Mary's (except BoJo was there too). We have asked for a weekly update about what you're doing to restore the A&E facility that you accused the previous government of ditching, yet were quite happy to see the back of once the election was won.

    Can we have updates please?

    Interesting twitter stuff I see from your site above. I see you presented our beloved local railway company with an award? Nice one! I expect there were people in Patagonia who were surprised at that – did you not realise…?

  4. “I have to confess that standing in a chilled depot in the middle of December is very hard work on the feet, brogues bad, furry boots good.”

    Did they bother gritting the floor for you Mr C.
    I hope so, as nobody has yet again bothered to grit the roads of Bexley, even though we pay huge amounts of Council Tax. Though I am sure we must be getting value for money from our Councilors and LGA members.

    Perhaps you could claim for your damaged brogues?

    By the way Google your name and Simon Hughes and a large “dick” get a mention, you must be very proud.

  5. Sir,

    I must ask, are you putting on a little winter weight, you look a touch portly in your recent picture with Boris.

    May I politely suggest you lay off the pies in the New Year?

  6. Off subject but what the hell.
    Found this in an earlier post By James Cleverly:

    “I had a very pleasant evening last night at the Fire Brigade carol service at Westminster Cathedral.

    Johnny Vaughn from Capital Radio and Graham Cole from The Bill were amongst those who did readings. I would like to extend my thanks to the London Fire Brigade.”

    Its interesting to note how arrogant and indeed abusive he has been to Firefighters this year particularly with regards to the recent industrial action.
    –just search Fire–

    Methinks the dreaded Marmite Councilor B Coleman was behind that invite.

    Lets hope there are no more freebies being offered out to “the friends of Coleman”.

    Noted today that shifts have been agreed by firefighters. Bet Sidcup doesnt get its second appliance back…

  7. Or its A&E…

    I shouldn't be too concerned about being 'off-topic'. For some reason the site operator doesn't want to discuss it so we'll have to talk amongst ourselves, anywhere we can. Come on James, this is important.

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