Charlie Gilmore and Cenotaph flag

It turns out that the now iconic (for all the wrong reasons) figure of a student swinging on the Cenotaph flag was called Charlie Gilmore and is the son of Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmore.

The Evening Standard has his excuse along with the now famous photograph, the excuse makes me more angry than I was before reading it.  According to Charlie he was

“Running along with a crowd of people who had just been violently repelled by the police, I got caught up in the spirit of the moment. I did not realise that it was the Cenotaph and if I had, I certainly would not have done what I did.”

Let’s look at that statement and the picture (which you can look at here). He claims to have been “violently repelled by the police”, yet the police can be seen calmly standing along the pavement of Whitehall in the photo and no one else seems to be running from attack.  He also claims not to have known that it was the Cenotaph, yet he is a Cambridge history graduate!

It rather strikes me that young Charlie Gilmore is either a liar, an idiot or both.

21 responses to “Charlie Gilmore and Cenotaph flag

  1. A drunken, public school brat running amok and causing damage to property at the expense of ordinary decent people. It's just not on. Unless it's the Bullingdon Club. In which case it's just entirely harmless horseplay.

  2. what a fucking shit of a human being would be a muslim of course
    hope he knows a good place to hide know a few people that are going to have a word with the scum

  3. He is lying.I saw him at the start of the march, bottle of booze in one hand ,never keeping to the march but running a muck with other people who wanted to cause trouble,shouting abuse to the police. I photographed in at Holborn station.As soon as I saw him on the teli I knew it was him,to tell you the truth I photo him because he was so rude to everyone and I wondered if he would do something bad and I thought I would have his photo incase.
    I expect he will be the next Prime Minister!

  4. How dare you disrespect the fallen heroes who fought for your family to be safe in this country, being spaced out on drugs is not an excuse you knew exactly what you were doing, come and see me and you won’t need university to teach you a lesson. But you will need some ice packs. Dave what sought of farther are to allow this, you are as much to blame.

  5. What hope is there for Britain? Cameron is giving away our sovereignty daily, sending any money we have saved to bail out the euro and Ireland, Islamists have taken over East London and all you dimmocks can do is prattle on about one stoned kid acting a bit foolish. Wake up & smell the coffee, you fools, before your country has been torn down, never mind the odd flag!

  6. Parents who have wealth in excess of £85 million ….. correct me if I'm wrong Charlie … mum and dad pay for your education at Cambridge… so it a ” no fees Charlie ” who excuses his drunken , aggravating , infantile rant type behaviour, showing his trait of disrespect in the process…. great genes you've inherited and this is your public showing of the elitist education you've had so far. I hope CAMBRIDGE expel you – I hope the FULL weight of the law is used against you… but I fear that the ” apology given AFTER BEING CAUGHT AND NAMED ” will appease the ” do gooders ” and you may just graduate…. I hope that revenge will be sweet towards you in the future…

  7. How did the song go now?…”We don't need no educashun”

    It only goes to show where the liberal Cult of the Transgressive leads – from art to reality.

  8. I now realise that I walked by Charlie Gilmore before the cenotaph flag incident. I saw him at Embankment station where he was more interested in promoting himself through showing off by jumping onto walls and acting the fool rather that supporting his fellow students.

    Shame on you Charlie Gilmore you spoilt, sad little boy!

  9. Come on people,

    we all do things we regret, lets not get our lynching ropes out just yet.

    Yes, he was a complete idiot and will have to live with this for the future. And yes Daddy is very rich as well.
    There are consequences for everything we do, I am sure the fees debacle will rage on about whether it was right to raise fees.

    I bet James C done a few regrettable things when he was a student at the TVU?

    And yes I am bloody anonymous, you blood thirsty lot!

  10. Apparently Girton College are to take no action against him even though IMO he has brought the University into disrepute. I suspect that the College is reluctant to act for fear of losing a donation from the philanthropic Mr Gilmore Senior…….

    The young man in question is a spoiled , over indulged pratt

  11. The person above who said Cameron is dishing out money to Ireland – get your facts straight – it was ALASTAIR DARLING who signed that particular deal during the few days after the general election whilst Labour were hanging on for grim death. The deal he signed OBLIGED whatever government would follow to have to bail out Ireland should it be necessary – and a few other nations too. Cameron has no choice in the matter – it's not his doing.

    Regarding Charlie Gilmour – he's a cretinous twat who hopefully will get a good kicking in a dark alleyway one day.

  12. Don't care who bailed out Ireland, Darling or Cameron (Osborne doesn't know where it is). Bailing out a trading partner makes good sense. As for Charlie, a dreadful, ghastly person by the sounds of it. Clearly Cenotaph and other memorials to the dead should be respected. I hope he is punished.

  13. Charlie come round my way and I will hang you from the lamp post. You are scum. I sure your dad the man who used the capitalist system to make his fortune can afford to say your uni fees that's if you even go to uni. You are a traitor. I HOPE STUDENT BASHING COMES BACK!

  14. Oh well poor old chaz is getting ready for daddy to bail him out . As I was told the rich getting richer the poor getting poorer . He'll just sink back to his mummy and daddy and all the fine ways of life when the likes of us who work 9-5 to pay for the future of this god for saken country . And are childrens . If I was to see chaz I would hang a note saying kick me has hard and as many times as you think is possible this rich kid needs to be made to clean the staute with his bare hands until we all think he's done what's rite chav Charlie is a BIGGER wimp and not a collage student in doubt he is now for ever in debt to all


    Whatever sympathy the Students hoped to achieve soon disappeared with the violence.

    But this action is totally unacceptable.

    The Bastard should be publicly flogged.

  16. I hope that his college throw the litte prick out for bringing it into disrepute. The same goes for that stupid litte cow Solomons hwo keeps appearing on the TV,

  17. There are some serious people out there.

    If we are going to bring back “birching”, “stoning”, “lynching” and the use of water cannons can we only reserve it for mindless students and Politicians who cannot stop the closures of an essential A&E and Maternity unit?

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