Val Shawcross and her sense of irony (or is it hypocrisy?)

This morning Val Shawcross was named as Ken Livingstone’s running mate for the 2012 election and she said this to the Evening Standard “I dislike the nasty personalisation that goes on in party politics and I feel that a lot of the electorate, especially women, feel the same,”.

She then went on to say that Boris was “shallow and slapdash“. You couldn’t make it up.

She also said that Boris was guilty of “old fashioned sexism” for not appointing enough women to his top team. I wonder what Isabel Dedring (Environment Advisor), Pam Chesters (Health & Youth Opportunities Advisor), Manira Mirza (Arts and Culture Advisor), Kate Hoey (Sports and Olympics Advisor), Rosey Boycott (Food Advisor & Chair of London Food Board), Lizzie Noel (Volunteering and Social Action Advisor), Patience Wheatcroft (Chair of the LDA Forensic Audit Panel) and Veronica Wadley (Chair of the London Arts Council), all of whom were appointed by Boris, would say to that?

Labour fail!

12 responses to “Val Shawcross and her sense of irony (or is it hypocrisy?)

  1. A lot of 'important observations' have suddenly appeared on this site with the unfortunate effect that the debate around Conservative rhetoric on Queen Mary's A&E shutting, their election and the fact they then let it shut anyway (or misled the electorate into thinking they could do something about it) seems to have been pushed out of the way. I was hoping to hear what new, ludicrous excuses have been brainstormed in the last week or so.

  2. Dear Anon,

    I have always discussed a wide range of issues on this blog, QMH is an important, but not the only, issue. Your off topic comments on posts not about QMH are starting to make you sound like an obsessive.

    We wouldn't want that now would we.

  3. I don't mind being obsessive about a vital local facility being used as an issue for an election campaign and then dumped afterwards. It was, in fact, other people's comments that helped me realise what had happened. I am thankful therefore for their obsession and would encourage this further.

    People will see through the attempt to fend off a real issue through an accusation of obsession. It's a very British thing to consider someone who complains as a bit odd, you've simply hung your hat on that.

    So, what are you going to do about QM's? It will come up in local and national elections. The story so far is that you and others said that some naughty boys were taking away our hospital, vote for us and we'll see to them. People voted for you and then you said that some other naughty boys had taken it away anyway but it's ok as you've been reselected, had dinner with some bloke and a woman said something about the bloke's son and she shouldn't have.

    One should be obsessive about this issue, the importance of which is either beyond your comprehension or you wish would just go away.

    And please don't give me 'off-topic' again. This is very much on topic and should be raised until there's a thorough and believable explanation of what happened.

    I wait with baited breath.

  4. Quote from your own blog on 18th August 2010.

    “We may be coalition partners but it doesn't stop me thinking that Simon Hughes is a dick.”

    One should not through stones if they live in glass houses. A great saying all arrogant people (especially politicians should learn)

    At least Ms Shawcross didnt call him a “dick”, dick.

  5. Hang on a minute! An earlier comment about your activity around Queen Mary's seems to have been removed!

    There was nothing offensive in it. Can you explain why you have done this? Or should one draw the obvious conclusion from this?

  6. Dear Mr Cleverley,

    Having been an interested viewer on this blog as regards QMH, and its untimely demise at the current incumbents savage cuts. I feel that I must side with anonymous in that we should all take every opportunity to remind Public Servants of the issues that concern us, even if it is not currently on the agenda. Personally I feel you should be making a weekly post regarding the issue, otherwise I am afraid the angry residents of Bexley, Sidcup and Bromley will continue to make posts whether they are on topic or not.

    Lets not put QMH on the periphery.

  7. Sir,

    with reference to a post on this thread regarding a person being “obsessive”.

    Damn right, all of us are bloody obsessed when we were misled by the Conservatives into thinking that voting them in would stop the cuts in service in QMH.

    Obsessive indeed, that does not go anywhere near how everyone I know feels about being betrayed by the usual lies.

    By the way congratulations on the student fees vote, I hope you are all very proud of yourselves. Now the LibDems are lying their arses off as well. It must be catching…

  8. Dear other anonymous folk. Thank you for your support on this. I did post again after being referred to as an obsessive but it was removed, which confirmed for me that Mr Cleverly had run out of disingenuous, vague excuses. QMH and the its cynical use for an election campaign absolutely has to stay on the agenda, certainly when the 'reselected one' comes up for election. I was just thankful that I wasn't referred to as a 'dick'.

  9. Dear Anon(s)

    Posting all these comments as anon does rather make it look like one person doing all the talking. Why not just use your first name so that other readers can tell who is saying what.

  10. Dear James,

    You can call me Bob for all I care its still does not excuse you from dismissing the QMH agenda.

    It will not go away, and I for 1 will not let it slip from the public or Political mind.

    You can call us all obsessive, you can call me a dick for all I care.
    QMH will not be shifted on the back burner by me or anyone else.

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