Another day, another protest

They’re like buses.  You wait for ages then a load of them turn up at once.

I went up to Conservative Central Head-Quarters this afternoon to talk to the regional Chairs of Conservative Future, the party’s student and youth wing. I walked from Charing Cross to Millbank (still encased in wooden boards after the violence at the first student protest) and passed through Parliament Square to get there.  There were a number of police officers looking cold and bored and a few hundred anti-something-or-others with wooly hats and placards calmly and non violently protesting about something-or other.

Graffiti on Nelson’s Column, London

The group I saw may (or may not) have been the same bunch who were with Polly Toynbee hypocritically protesting outside Top Shop earlier, they may have been demanding that people who don’t go to university should subsidise those that do or they may have been angry that the weather is undermining their scare stories about the climate.  I don’t know because I stopped listening to protesters as soon as they started smashing things up and spray painting statues.

As I said, the protesters that I saw were calm and well behaved but their actions are being undermined by the actions of violent idiots who think it’s a bit of a laugh damaging public and private property.

Funny how nothing got smashed, desecrated or damaged when the countryside marched on London a few years back.

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