I’ve been reselected

I have just got back from a joint meeting of the constituency associations from Bexley and Bromley.  I am very pleased to say that after giving a short speech and answering 30 minutes of questions I was readopted as Bexley and Bromley’s candidate for the 2012 London Assembly elections.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who attended this evening and to everyone who has supported and helped me during the three and a half years since I was first selected.

11 responses to “I’ve been reselected

  1. Congratulations on being re-selected.

    I now assume that you will post about your attendance at the recent rally to save QMH.
    And how assertive you will be in assuring that such a ridiculous blunder and failure in local election promises will be corrected.

  2. I love the comment made from anonymous above.

    It would be very refreshing that all politicians actually bother to keep their election promises, rather than ignore the little people.
    Its no wonder all of you have such a terrible reputation of “feeding at the trough…”

    lets see if QMH will actually see the A&E returning.

    My money is on no.

  3. Oh James come you are not unsure at all.
    Try reading this:


    Its an interesting article the local newspaper has written entitled:
    “VOTE 2010: Tories pledge to save 999 services at Queen Mary's”

    Now I am sure you are all struggling to deal with damage control blaming Labour for “a picture of health etc” and mentioning that it is now a matter for the coalition government. But lets not forget we voted him in and he has yet to deliver.

    Going on a protest march is great, but will you both ensure that this temporary closure is indeed temporary, because lets be frank thats the only reason Mr Brokenshire got the vote.

  4. Anon,

    From the link you provided:

    “Mr Brokenshire says a Tory government would immediately freeze plans to strip the Sidcup hospital of its A&E department in September.

    It would also freeze APOH proposals to transfer Queen Mary’s maternity and paediatric in-patient services.

    Mr Brokenshire says if GPs and local people want to see Queen Mary’s keep all of its emergency services, there would be no forced closures.”

    All of the above was done by us, the trust's management team were the ones who failed to keep the departments properly staffed and they made the decision to impose the temporary closure.

  5. I think we should put this issue to rest now.

    “its not our fault. we done everything we could to stop the closure…”

    “It was the trusts management team who failed to staff the departments…”

    All of the above is great but it is all largely historic, the A&E is now shut, and lets be honest (for a change) its not likely to re-open.

    Unless someone wants to go on the record and say “I will quit in the spring if the temporary closure is not lifted”. And yes we do hold politicians accountable, we expect value for money much the same as we would expect value for money from any public service.

    Thats my twopeneth, enough of the “soapboxing” congratulations on being re-selected and to quote


    “All persons ought to endeavor to follow what is right, and not what is established”

  6. Thank goodness for social media, have a look at this:

    I feel for the people that protested and then voted Tory in the election believing you would follow through. I asked back in May how anyone who was around in the 80s and early 90s could have a remote belief that there was any commitment from the Tories to hospitals, you closed so many (including the military hospitals) I'm surprised there were any left to shut.

    Listen to the words about commitment and telling people what they should do before any more lame excuses about staff, etc.

    Reselected? I don't know how many people vote for London Assembly Members or even what value they add in an already bureaucratic world but I hope people make their mind up based on this debacle (as well as your reference to another politician as a 'dick') as to whether you get any further than this.

    PS, if the link doesn't work just search for Queen Mary's Hospital on youtube. It's the seven-minute long one. The shorter one looks like an Orange Order march, only in Sidcup.

  7. Why?! I'm not a politician!

    Which glass house am I in?!

    Have a look at the video and tell me that voters weren't misled.

  8. Mr Cleverly,

    you promised along with Mr Brokenshire, that you would do everything possible to save the A&E at QMH.

    Surely a “temporary closure” with no date as to when the A&E will re-open, demonstrates that your best is not good enough.

    And you have failed.

    Perhaps its time to fall on the proverbial sword?

  9. Its no use making promises you cannot keep.

    It just makes you look stupid.

    Ooopps, has everyone here hit the nail on the head.

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