100% Legal – How to avoid paying speeding and parking fines

I’ve just discovered a great way to beat the system and not pay speeding or parking fines.  Just follow these simple steps to avoid handing over your money to them!

The best thing, it is 100% legal, they can’t touch you.

  • How to avoid speeding fines:    Don’t drive faster than the speed limit.
  • How to avoid parking fines:    Don’t park illegally or over-stay your allotted time.

There you have it! Simple!!!!!

There is nothing illegal or immoral in avoiding payments to government that you’re not obliged to pay and that includes taxes.

4 responses to “100% Legal – How to avoid paying speeding and parking fines

  1. Nothing to do with the subject matter.
    Just a short “i told you so”.

    QMH is about to close its A&E after all those Tory pre-election promises.

    And your special chum has called for a reduction in the number of fire appliances for London by 27!


  2. This vacuous statement does not cater for councils and others who are determined to profit from motorists and 'overlook' the rules. It also doesn't count for shops who are struggling to compete with Bluewater, etc, who have now found that every inch of potential parking space is now charged for.

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