Message from Fire Authority about the FBU strike cancellation

Dear all,

Following negotiations between the Brigade and the FBU yesterday, the Union has agreed to call off the 47 hour strike action planned for the Bonfire Night weekend. The Union has also agreed to attend a meeting of the Resolution Advisory Panel (RAP); a measure we have been requesting for some time. The RAP is an independently-chaired body that can make recommendations to resolve the dispute.

The intention of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority has always been to reach an agreement on proposals that will make Londoners and firefighters safer. Going to an independently-chaired body to help us seek a way forward is a step in the right direction. The meeting of the RAP is taking place on 16 November. We very much hope an agreement will be reached swiftly, using this mechanism or during normal negotiations. Section 188 notices have not been withdrawn.

Yours sincerely,

Councillor Brian Coleman, AM FRSA
Chairman & Leader of the Authority

Ron Dobson
London Fire Commissioner

2 responses to “Message from Fire Authority about the FBU strike cancellation

  1. Lets be honest the Fire Authority were never going to stand down, so the FBU had no option but to suspend the 47hr strike for the sake of public safety, after all has anyone else seen the “stand-in” crews aka ASSETCO at work? What a waste of my precious tax. £9M for a contingency fire-fighting force that cannot fight fires, the Fire Authority would have been better off spending the money as a one off payment to Fire-fighters to give up the right to strike – turn the FBU into a Federation.

    By the way, I understand that the industrial action is still ongoing with Fire-fighters working to rule and the removal of 27 appliances for use by ASSETCO as I am sure this will continue. I for one cannot wait for the 16th November 2010 and the results from RAP. But lets look at the real truth behind all this, B Coleman (your office neighbor) swore he would never pay Fire-fighters any money for changing their shift. So he chants and hollas at Fire-fighters with disdain and dis-respect. This “man” has done irreparable damage to the fire service of London do not expect Fire-fighters of the future to free you from lifts or affect entry to your home late at night, at least without paying for the privilege, even if it is an emergency. And with regards to the happy fire-fighting force happily attending school fetes, think again.

    Sorry to be the portent of doom, but the damage has been done. The LFB “leaked” details of where Fire-fighters live and lied that they were on £50,000! All to the tory comic “the daily mail” then when a complaint was made the Fire Brigade said they were responding to a “freedom of information” request, a request that normally takes 6-8 weeks was done in 2 days – utter nonsense.

    I am sure your “marmite” friend is very proud of what he has done, he reminds me of the little fat boy at school who was bullied, and then has decided it will be his duty to punish the “fit and healthy” whilst still snuffling at the trough of public funds.
    I am sure I will see him arrive via taxi to the Fire-fighters carol service, and then leave 3hrs later in the same taxi which he has kept running outside, all at tax payers expense. God I hate this man so much and I am not even a Fire-fighter!

    In finishing:

    The London Fire Brigade is knackered, thanks to two men and a bias Political party.

    Kind regards

    Well of course I am anonymous, i havent even started yet.

  2. Just to re-itterate the above point. I hate this man too. Clearly you all despise him but you haven't the guts / backbone (delete where applicable)
    to say it.

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