The Labour Tower Hamlets farce continues

This morning the news broke that a number of Labour councillors had been expelled from the party for campaigning for Lutfur Rahman and against the Labour party’s official candidate. Tower Hamlets’ Labour party has been a laughing stock for some time so this mass expusion didn’t make much impact.

What was more interesting was that Ken Livingstone was campaigning alongside these very same expelled councillors and Lutfur Rahman himself. The funny thing is that while Labour moved quickly to expel the councillors they have been silent on Livingstone’s position.

When asked specifically about Labour members campaigning for Lutfur Rahman, Harriet Harman said “There is nobody else that is a Labour candidate for Tower Hamlets… if they are supporting somebody else, then they are opposing the Labour Party and you cannot be against a party and in it”.

It seems that while all animals are born equal some are more equal than others.

There is a simple answer to all this, vote for Neil King, the Conservative candidate for Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

One response to “The Labour Tower Hamlets farce continues

  1. The Labour Party does not have the guts to take on Ken again. They know they would lose if they put up anybody against Ken (although David Miliband could make it an interesting contest if Ken joined Respect / Islamic Forum of Europe).

    Ken can get away with doing anything he likes within the Labour Party.

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