Burglary falls by 31.9% in Bromley

Bromley police have released their half yearly crime figures and there is good news across all crime types. Once again crime reduction in Bromley is better than the Met average with a 12% fall in total crime for the period April to August 2010, compared to a 0.6% MPS average.

This figure includes a huge 31.9% fall in burglary offences, an 8.5% fall in motor vehicle crime, a 7.9% fall in violence related offences and a 4.3% fall in knife crime offences. These reductions come after a 10% drop last year.

Not only are crime rates falling so is the time the police take to respond to calls, in October 2007 their average emergency call response time was 30.32 minutes, now it is a staggering 9.07 minutes.

The funny thing about these figures is that over the corresponding period Bromley saw a fall in public confidence in the police. The Public Attitude Survey is conducted every three months across London and in the most recent survey, Bromley received the worst rating for ‘Police and council are dealing with anti-social behaviour and crime issues that matter to this area’. The score was 27%, well below last year’s figure of 58%, and below the London average of 49%. Yet victims of crime, those people who actually experience contact with their local police, rate say they are satisfied in 82% of cases, the second highest in London!

This mis-match is not unique to Bromley, last year Bexley’s confidence figures were rock bottom despite being one of the lowest crime boroughs in London. This contradiction is one of the reasons I welcomed the scrapping of the single confidence measure.

If you think you can explain the mis-match between real crime figures and public perception in Bromley the Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Charles Griggs, would welcome your feedback. You can let him know what you think by emailing him at Bromley.foia@met.police.uk

5 responses to “Burglary falls by 31.9% in Bromley

  1. Interesting stuff, but I can't let the “I welcomed the scrapping of the single confidence measure.” pass without comment!

    For your information, it has not been scrapped. Many police forces, including the Metropolitan Police, have simply ignored the Home Secretary and carried on bullying officers to meet the Policing Pledge and Public Confidence targets, that she formally abolished on 29th June.

    The Metropolitan Police continue to support the centralised bureaucracy they have set up to enforce those targets and continue to insist that police officers complete the associated gold-plated paperwork.

    What they have done is change the names, to avoid any chance of discovery or criticism. So, for example, the Confidence Measure becomes the Customer Service Standard. Same paperwork, same targets, same officers abstracted from the frontline to administer and audit these and the same associated skulduggery to meet them! It’s a standard tactic which the discredited bureaucratic bean counters have used for years at Scotland Yard. They're not going to scrap them now, too many jobs and careers depend on it – it'll be the front line cops who go, to the detriment of the public and ultimately the Conservatives, who will be accused of cutting police numbers come the next election.

    The fat desperately needs to be trimmed from the public sector and the Conservatives are being the ones finally brave enough to tackle this problem – but they are being let down – in the case of the police for example – by the highly politicised Scotland Yard hierarchy.

    Additionally we now have the fiasco of the abolition of Safer Neighbourhoods Teams – and again it's the Conservatives – and the Mayor of London – who will ultimately, although wrongly, be held to account for this. The Scotland Yard bean counters have decided to restructure (i.e. cut) Safer Neighbourhoods Teams into……..wait for it……Natural Neighbourhoods! That way they get to slash the number of teams and officers in the name or restructuring.

    Safer Neighbourhoods Teams are a brilliant local resource who do fantastic work.

    There is no substitute for police on the street. Cuts to the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams will affect the number of police officers on the streets which in turn will severely undermine the vital work to tackle crime and anti social behaviour.

    In Bromley, after years of falling numbers of police on the streets, the Safer Neighbourhood Teams put record numbers of police officers on the streets. It is a huge concern to me that the Scotland Yard hierarchy has decided to do away with them.

    As tax payers we are entitled to a local police team and any reductions would adversely hit the outer London boroughs. We pay for it – Londoners Council Tax bills include a precept for it. How, if we pay for a dedicated police team can it be removed? Cuts to Safer Neighbourhoods Teams will make our streets less safe and undermine the vital work that the police and local communities are doing to tackle the menace of crime in the capital. It will be political suicide. The Mayor and the MPA need to take the Commissioner (incidentally, the worst one there has ever been) and his totally inept Deputy to one side and explain this to them. If they are too arrogant to accept it, sack them.

  2. Yes, from my own sources I have also been aware that the old ways still persist.

    In some cases this is said to be an interim measure until a new methodology is in place; but I do have suspicions about it all.

    Even so, the official scrapping of those old ways is a good thing, and it just needs attentive elected representatives of the people to ensure that it is put into practice in all police forces and areas within forces a.s.a.p.

  3. Has there actually been a drop in recorded crime or are the crimes being recorded in such a way as to show a drop in crime? For instance, to show the apathy towards these figures, a website called ‘The Thin Blue Line’ which is run by a team of business professionals with a background in law enforcement and supplied with information by ex and serving police officers, highlights the fact that recorded crime statistics for Sep 09 – Nov 09 shows that every police force in the country produced figures indicating a drop in recorded crime . Now, unless we are living in some kind of Utopian Nirvana, these figures just do not ring true. In reality one would expect to see monthly and regional variations but not a decline throughout the nation. When these figures are read alongside the fact that Chief police officers receive between 15%-20% bonus on top of their wages for returning crime figures showing a reduction in crime then, unfortunately, it starts to make sense.

    In October 2009 Dennis O’Connor, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary compiled a report on the recording, or as it turned out the misreporting, of violent crime in England and Wales. He suggested that a drive to meet government targets could be the reason why officers were failing to record crimes. He went on to say that it was possible that government targets were giving police forces incentives not to record crimes fully, “There are some fairly well rehearsed perverse incentives around targets and ‘no crimes’ is one of those potentially,” he said. He added: “It’s a very high error rate on a small sample. For us as the regulator, it’s a matter of concern.” The extent to which this is a problem is surely highighted by the fact that the Chef Inspecorate of Constabularys is concerned.

  4. Take the foil hat off, Anonymous! Everyone knows half the stuff reported to the police isn't actually a crime.

    We are currently living in a country where everyone is a victim. I'm surprised that crime doesn't increase 1000% each year!

    These days, if you get jostled in a bus queue – it's an assault, bring on the compensation. Two school kids having a ruck? – it's a double assault, the school must pay compensation. Drunk and taken a dive over a kerb? – No, it's an assault by someone, you must have been pushed. Need more benefits because you've spent it all on booze and fags? You must have been the victim of a robbery.

    Add the fact that that the last government since 1997 created more than three thousand (that’s right, 3,000!) new criminal offences and introduced forty-five Criminal Justice laws – more than the total passed in the previous century – and it's a bloomin miracle that the police have managed to reduce crime.

  5. Excalibur

    Foil hat? Not too sure what that commenbt refers to. I am actually an ex metropolitan police officer. The only breason my posting was anonymous was that i didnt have an account with which to attach it.

    Unfortunately i feel that the police these days are hindered by red tape and targets.

    In my day 80's & 90's we dealt with every call that came in. There was nothing too small or unimportant. If someone called for the police we attended. When graded response came in and targeted policing that was the start of the decline in public support for the police.

    If you read my posting you will see that my information regarding falling crime rates has come from serving police officers. CRIME RATES AREN'T FALLING. The crime figures are being manipulated so that chief police officers can achieve their bonuses.

    The 3,000 new offences of which you speak were put in so that the government figures could be manipulated.

    Read my posting properly and please explain to me how every single Police Force can return reduced crime figures? Logically it does not make any sense at all. On a Regional/Seasonal basis maybe but certainly not Nationwide. Combine this with Mr Cleverly's posting above and you will see that these figures are not correct and must serve another purpose.

    The government need to back off, let the police do their job without any influence and then, maybe, we would get the correct crime figures and the police would be respected and people would appreciate the job that they do.

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